Salt, vinegar, mustard, pepper


Usually when I go to a meeting at a junior school, I resign myself to backache from sitting on childsize chairs at a childsize table. Today, at a school I have not been to before, we sat on smart grownupsize upholstered chairs with chrome frames.

It turned out that the chairs had been retrieved from a skip by a member of the school staff.

At one level I am dismayed that despite abundant taxation, our schools are scavenging for furniture. At another level this is encouraging. It sends out a positive message about re-use. We could perhaps add this to the national curriculum and revive skipping in the playground.

6 Responses to “Salt, vinegar, mustard, pepper”

  1. 1 Fiona

    In Scotland we skip to a different beat – Salt Pepper Mustard Vinegar.
    Could be something to do with the different translations north of the border.

    But I do like the idea of reusing things from a skip.
    Morwe and more children today think if they don’t want something anymore it is useless and should be thrown away, rather than trying to recyle it.

    I am not ashamed to admit that we have a drawer in the house where unwated presents received for my children are stored and when they can be reused for nephews or nieces we work out the value and give it to the original recipient – a win win situation

    • 2 alexoutside

      Fiona – I just tried skipping to your rhythm and fell over on the grass. Something about it makes my feet move in the wrong direction. I expect that still having country dancing on the curriculum in Scotland makes you all more nimble.

  2. 3 Ann at soon to be Aviva

    They still skip at school in England. Unfortunately it has more to do with skipping lessons than a rope.

  3. 4 Amanda

    We’re always happy to oblige so following your suggestion Alex, we negotiated with the Heart Foundation in Australia to get all children to “jump rope for heart”, skipping their way to exhaustion and the hope of being awarded a ‘rip-stick’. Never let it be said that you are not one very influential man.

  4. 5 alexoutside

    Amanda – that’s good to hear. I’m sure a ‘rip-stick’ is more appealing than it sounds and not actually an instrument of corporal punishment. 🙂

  5. 6 Michael Dagless

    Hmmm and guess which lucky fella has to go along to the weekly skipping practice after school as a parent helper for 150 kids?
    Walking across the quadrangle has never been so trecherous. And bachache? Don’t get me started!

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