Beeing there


My concerns for the British bee population have been eased. I was at my local primary school today when a swarm of bees arrived.

It was not a big swarm… about as numerous as Norwich City fans at a home game, but with more to look forward to.

Talk about attention seeking behaviour. They decided to roost (roost?) just above the main entrance to the building. It was hard to miss them. Normal access was suspended in case they decided to take revenge for the forced rendition of all that honey over the last few years.

Eventually the Bee Man arrived, to some disappointment. He turned out not to be a superhero in stretchy yellow and black with a special-powered sting and vulnerability to non-honey-based nutrition. Instead he was an ordinary chap in white overalls and a fencing mask.

It didn’t take him long to coax Delia and her followers into a box. They seemed happy to follow her down into the darkness.

When I left a couple of hours later everything was back to normal. Just a handful of bee latecomers buzzed puzzled above the door.

4 Responses to “Beeing there”

  1. 1 John

    On a bee theme – I was in a pub in London years ago, I went to the toilet and in the porcelain of the urinal was a picture of a bee – a bit bizzarre until you realise what the latin for bee is…………

    • 2 Jamie

      There may well have been another reason for the bee picture. I think I read somewhere that images like this are used to give men something to aim at… apparently most guys can’t resist it and it cuts down on cleaning up after those who’s aim is not all that it should be.

  2. 3 JGodard

    what is the latin for bee?

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