Hot air


The government is urging us to prepare for a heatwave. That is good.

We are advised to paint our houses white and plant shrubs for shade. Presumably they will need to be drought-tolerant shrubs. Perhaps palm trees would be better.

I will ask Mrs R for authorisation to paint the house white tomorrow.

We are also advised to identify the coolest room in the house. This is difficult. There is often disagreement about what is cool in our house… teenagers have varying tastes.

I’m surprised that we are not also advised to wear a cool t-shirt. Perhaps one from the Stiff Records 1978 Be Stiff tour (remember Wreckless Eric, Lene Lovich and Rachel Sweet?).

5 Responses to “Hot air”

  1. I am told, though i have no corroborative evidence, that palm trees will flourish on the west coast due to the warm sea temperature provided by the north atlantic drift.
    Sadly I was only 4 in 1978 so my idea of cool at the time probably involved the muppets. Actually, i still think they’re pretty cool… ;¬)

  2. 2 Fiona

    Was at Jean Michel Jarre last night and did think about getting you an Oxygene teeshirt so you would have two “cool” shirts to wear.
    Then I realised that at the price I could probably buy 10 from Primark so decided to hang off to the next time I go shopping and see what I can get

  3. 3 alexoutside

    Thanks Fiona. A primark tee shirt will be fine. I haven’t got room for 10 though.

  4. 4 Becky Stafford

    Do I take it Mrs R did not approve of the plan to paint the house white?? I can’t see anyone agreeing to that!!!

  5. 5 alexoutside

    Becky – she won’t let me loose with paint of any colour…

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