Club Tropicana


Because I’m not working I can think about taking a holiday on the spur of the moment. I’ve never had time to look at before. The website allows you to search a selection of destinations.

There are many good offers available. I suppose it must be the recession.

I found seven nights full board at a place with a beautiful white beach and palm trees swaying in the breeze. I checked the webcam and the beach is almost deserted. It is remarkably cheap. I could go next week…

Where is Cancun anyway?

5 Responses to “Club Tropicana”

  1. 1 Michael Dagless

    I can just picture it… the friendly faces of the hotel staff to greet you, the crisp white linnen on the bed -just partly folded down with a neatly folded towel, mini-soap and facemask.

  2. 2 Joe

    It’s all about risk management.. Even for a Mexican there’s only a 1:44033 chance to have caught the virus so far.. and that’s suspected cases! The ratio for confirmed cases is a staggering 1:1111064.
    I want to comment on the media, but I don’t think there’s anything that hasn’t been said yet.

  3. 3 Camilla

    Hmmm – possibly you wouldn’t be covered by travel insurance?

  4. Let’s face it, if it’s that deserted, who are you going to catch anything from?

  5. 5 Darren Cornish

    a tichooo…..

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