As I was saying


I shuffled out of the revolving door. The sun was shining.

“Now what shall I do?” I wondered.


For thought.

At least I’m not alone out here. Hello everyone! Thanks for coming with me.

24 Responses to “As I was saying”

  1. 1 Sue Mitchell

    …. and the picture of you in your most un-cool t-shirt is where … ?

    I’ve bookmarked you in my ‘News & Weather’ folder so keep on blogging.

  2. So what will you? And what is it like on the outside?

  3. 3 Jane

    Hello Alex,

    Yesterdays blog almost made me cry but this one made me smile !

    Looking forward to hearing how you’re getting on and what you’re up to.

    Take care.


  4. 4 Lily Allport

    I didn’t know you were leaving until today! Shocked and saddened 😦

    Leaving somewhere after so long is always going to be sad, but it’s liberating too. There’s so much more to life than Aviva and when you adjust I’m sure you’ll love every minute.

  5. 5 Joe

    Looking forward to reading of more adventures and obscurities. (bookmarked)

  6. 6 Vicki (NU Life)

    Hi Alex,

    Well…I’m here…page freshly added to favourites…and ready to go.

    Hope the world outside Aviva looks full of wonder and possibility…looking forward to hearing about it!

    Vicki (veteran Alex’s Blog reader)

  7. 7 Mike S

    Hi Alex,
    So, let’s just check if leaving comments on your new blog works…..

    …..yes it does…..

    So, are you really thinking “Now what shall I do?” or do you have some thoughts on what you will be doing next?

    A mid-life crisis perhaps? – I think I might have left it too late for mine….

    Good luck in whatever you decide to do
    Mike S

  8. 8 alexoutside

    Welcome folks! Kind of you to let me know you are reading.

  9. 9 David Allen

    Hi Alex,

    Many of us are following you outside – and perhaps not only in blog terms (my notice of redundancy hit the doormat today)! Hope being outside Aviva was your choice or, if not, that it turns out for the best anyway.

    Best wishes.


  10. 10 Number N

    Is there … a *world* … outside ?? I’ve been told … outside the building … monsters … ghosts … werewolves … so I keep quiet … in here … working … working … what do you MEAN ???

  11. Hey Alex, welcome to the big bad world – pull up a sun lounger, come and watch the world rushing by! I’m sure you’ll like it here, we’re a friendly bunch, and we don’t tend to bite unless you ask nicely πŸ™‚

    Looking forward to getting back into the habit of reading the blog – I’ve missed it in these last couple of years!

    Heres to much more from you!

  12. 12 Graham

    Hi Alex
    Just added this page to my favorites, looking forwards to more of your blog on the outside.

  13. 13 Karl G

    Can’t get rid of us that easily πŸ™‚

  14. 14 Gary

    Looking forward to Chapter 2…

    p.s. we liked how the much-mentioned Washing Line made an appearance in the final picture of Chapter 1 πŸ˜‰

  15. Best of luck, Alex, with whatever you do next. I suggest a spell of kicking back and enjoying life ;-o

    PS Am writing this from one o’those there NU ‘puters …. and at the bottom of the comments page, in the ‘leave a reply’ section, it’s showing me the name and email address of the last poster!

  16. The sun is shining, and after all the time you’ve spent travelling and travail-ing, pour a glass of something cold, sit and pause some more, ’cause i’m sure you’ll be on fast-forward soon enough.

  17. 17 Andy F

    Hi Alex,

    Just back from a weeks break, I look forward to hearing you views on the outside world. Any plans yet, many of us could soon be joining you. Will you be starting up a consultancy, plenty of ex-Aviva staff to choose from.


  18. 18 Becky Stafford AKA Staffr2

    Hello Alex,

    Out here in big ol’ cyber space, just caught up with your departing blogs in the NU realms.

    Have got this blogged bookmarked in my top secret folder haha. Look forward to reading about your new ventures!!


    (At least here my name comes up and not a RACIF!)

  19. 19 John Musgrave

    Hi Alex,

    Really enjoyed your blog on the inside and looking forward to reading more on the outside. Your blog added a human side to the IT management hierarchy and was entertaining to read as well. Keep up the good work.


  20. 20 Christine Croker

    Hi Alex,

    If you get to read this just wanted to wish you all the best with whatever you do in the future.

    My last day with NU is next Friday and I am scared that I wont be able to find a decent job for a long time but also looking forward to a life outside NU after 30 years.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your adventures since stumbling over your blog a couple of years ago and often laughed out loud prompting some funny looks from colleagues!

    Thanks again and good luck.


  21. 21 Prathiba

    Hello Alex,

    I read your blog after a long time and was Shocked and Sad to see that you had left NU.

    I wish you a colourful life outside πŸ™‚


  22. 22 Formerly PETLEP1

    Boy am I late to the party, Nice to see so many familar names on the comments board though.

    So a belated welcome to the world outside of Aviva!


  23. Well, well, well my good friend, you decided to move on. You may have heard I did as well – a couple of months ago.

    No more getting up at 4am and travelling to Norwich, no more Travel Lodge nights, no more major traffic jams and getting home past midnight.

    But I did love my time at Norwich Union. Numerous fond memories including the kilt wearing and having an ice cream on Barry Island with Neil Turner just before we met a large Corporate Partner to discuss a multi-million pound deal!

    What do I do now?

    I’m glad you asked.

    I build websites for individuals and small businesses. So many people being made redundant, many of which are starting their own little enterprise and the first thing they want is a website. That’s where I come in.

    And I love every minute.

    Takes me 15 seconds to get to work now.

    Holiday planned yet?


  24. 24 Mark Brook

    Hi Alex
    I’ve only just heard you had left – on the ball as ever. Sorry for not keeping in touch.
    I hope you find life on the outside not quite as mmmmmm -interesting as I’ve experienced (still no change there !!),
    Give me a call if you can.


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